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Premium Audit

Simply put, Afirm delivers the highest quality audit in the industry. We provide physical, verified telephone and virtual audits nationwide. We tailor each audit to meet the specific needs of your organization, all while exceeding industry standards of quality, reporting and time service.

We utilize the top software in the industry in order to address the needs of our clients while also adhering to important industry standards and best practices. You end up with an audit that is easy to navigate while still having robust tools that allow you to quickly mine each audit for detailed data.

Our TQM approach to auditing is now the industry benchmark. Web-based ordering and automated retrieval of completed audits offer you flexibility, ease of ordering and on-time delivery, all suited to your needs.

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Physical Audits

A Physical Audit is conducted when an on-site visit is required. It is the most thorough audit process and it provides the most up-to-date information.

With Afirm you get a Physical Audit that is accurate and consistent across the board. We combine technology and real-world knowledge in an audit that will put your mind at ease, knowing that you have all you need right in front of you. Our team of highly trained professionals gathers every necessary detail to give you the finest audit in the business.

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Verified Telephone Audits

Verified Telephone Audits are conducted via telephone with the policyholder rather than via an on-site visit. The elimination of travel makes our Verified Telephone Audits an efficient and cost-effective alternative to a Physical Audit.

You’ll find amazing value in our Verified Telephone Audits. The most highly skilled, customer-oriented associates in the business are at the core of what sets our Telephone Audit Center apart. We obtain the necessary financial information and combine it with documents that are signed and attested to by the individual policyholder. Ideal for smaller, less complex policies, Verified Telephone Audits are a proven way to increase return on investment.

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Virtual Audits

Stretch your money even further. Our Virtual Audit provides the detail of a Physical Audit at a lower cost, making it a perfect alternative to our Telephone Audit for audits requiring more detailed information. Our auditors utilize next generation software in order to provide you with detailed reports similar to a Physical audit. In essence, it’s as close as you can come to being there.

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